Is your child overstimulated?
An overloaded nervous system is the root cause of so many challenges that come along with parenting a Highly Sensitive Child.
Overstimulation: What to look for and how to help

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    Julia McGarey

    Parent Coach

    Meet Julia

    Julia McGarey holds a Master's Degree in Human Development and Education from the University of Colorado at Denver. As a certified Leading Edge Parenting Coach, she pays particular attention to the challenges of parenting Highly Sensitive Children.

    A Highly Sensitive Person herself, Julia sees both the beauty and the challenges of raising a child who feels things deeply, notices everything, and commits to their plans with unmatched persistence.

    Julia's first priority is giving parents the tools they need to understand their child's most challenging behaviors. She leads parents to non-violent, nourishing, and effective ways of meeting their children's needs and believes in empowering parents with the knowledge they need to be their child's most powerful advocate as they make their way to adulthood.

    What's inside?

    Being able to address the root cause of your child's behavior is a game changer. It can help reduce the frequency of melt-downs and bed time struggles, and amplify the connection you already have with your child.

    This quick guide is designed to help you do exactly that. Inside you'll find a checklist of different ways that overstimulation can present, as well as ideas for how you can use that information to create more balance in your child's world - and yours!